NOW IS the time to make the perfect gin and tonic – or G&T, if you may. On this page, we will walk to through some of the steps that makes one of the best G&T’s you will ever have. But first, there are a couple of things you need to help truly enhance the experience:

  • GLASSWARE: Don’t settle for a standard Collins glass. Upgrade your G&T and invest in some proper glassware. Get some inspiration from wine glasses; their shape and form are made to enhance the aromatics and nuances of the wine. So is proper whisky tasting glasses. And why wouldn’t you offer that opportunity to your G&T?
  • ICE: Ice is not just ice. Cloudy, contaminated, impure ice can ruin a proper cocktail and G&T moment. When you pour warmer liquid over cloudy ice, the trapped gasses starts expanding and begins breaking the ice. This releases unwanted aromatics and breaks the ice up into smaller pieces. This will increase the surface contact between the ice and the gin, thus making it melt at a faster rate. Therefore, try to use clear, large ice cubes if you can. And if you can’t get your hand on clear ice, try just to use ice large ice cubes.
  • GIN: Crewman Gin, obviously.
  • TONIC: Get your hand on a proper tonic. Try upgrading beyond Schweppes – although it is a great everyday tonic, try your hand on some of the many other craft brands. We highly recommend Gents or Fevertree tonic.
  • GARNISH: A garnish is not just to make the G&T look pretty – it can help enhance a lot of the flavor. For example, try garnishing Crewman – no. 6 fresh – Gin with some lemongrass and a kumquat.

(watch our video)

LET’S BEGIN. It’s time to start making the perfect G&T:

  1. Cool the glass. Add some of the ice and stir it around. Remove the excess water.
  2. Add around 1 1/2 oz / 4 cl of your favorite gin.
  3. For every 1/4 part of gin, add 3/4 part of tonic water. This will help to not overdilute and undermine the gin flavors.
  4. If any garnish needs to be part of the G&T, add these now. For example: Slice the kumquat and press the oils into the glass. Drop in the rest of the fruit.
  5. Stir the drink.
  6. Top with more ice. More ice doesn’t dilute the drink, it helps it keep cool longer.
  7. Add the remaining garnish.
  8. Sit back, kick your feet up – and enjoy.